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About Us

GKA Technologies Ltd is a collaborative research organisation focused on nanotechnology based separation solutions for the Chemical/Pharma manufacturing industries.

Our new technology will;

- Create a paradigm shift in chemical refinement processing and recycling through innovative process intensification

- Enable the development of sustainable nano based solutions for recovery and recycling of hazardous waste

- Develop greener, less energy intensive chemical processes in line with the F3 factories of the future.

Our Objectives:

The primary objective of GKAT is to contribute to the establishment of modern, sustainable nano based manufacturing technologies which will create a substantial drop in capital expenditure for manufacturing plants in the Chemical/Pharma industries, primarily achieved through retrofitting high performance, intensified and integrated nano based separation units into existing infrastructure.

How do we achieve these objectives?

1. GKA Technologies is currently engaged in projects with world leading RTD organisations in Europe, to both develop and prototype new models in the area of process intensification and waste recovery in the Chemical/Pharma industry. We are part of a European consortium in a FP7 (Framework Programme 7) project supported by the European Commission. Click here to Read more...

2. GKA Technologies is also involved in an Innovation Partnership Programme with the School of Chemical & Bioprocess Engineering at University College Dublin (UCD). The primary objective of that project is to develop sustainable solutions for recovery and recycling of hazardous waste solvents in the PharmaChem industry.

3. GKA Technologies works with select partners to develop new nano based process solutions for the chemical/Pharma industry.


The history of GKA Technologies (GKAT) dates back to 1984 with the founding of Labscan Ireland Limited. Labscan Ireland was a highly successful manufacturing company, producing high purity solvents, predominantly used in the Pharmaceutical industry. Products of Labscan were sold in over 65 countries through a world-wide network of distributors. The strategy from the beginning was clear: focus on a niche market, invest seriously and continuously in Research and Development, and provide Labscan customers with quality and competitive pricing at all times.

The desire for continual improvement led to the start up of GK Analytical Sciences in the early 1990's. This company focused on Research & Development to ensure Labscan stayed at the forefront of developments in the market place. Over the course of the next 20 years both companies worked closely, manufacturing on one side, and developing new manufacturing techniques on the other. This opened opportunities to patent technology, and in turn to license this technology to third parties. The business growth has seen the construction of two new manufacturing plants in Thailand (Labscan Asia) and Poland (Labscan Europe/POCH) over the last 10 years, to complement the activities of the original operation in Ireland. These plants were jointly built by Labscan personnel.

In 2009 GKA Technologies Ltd was formed to develop the next evolutionary steps in fine chemical processing, and create sustainable solutions to address the many issues facing Chemical/Pharma manufacturing today. Our development strategy is focused on collaborative research with both domestic and global partners of the highest caliber.

Our vision is clear, and our mission statement can be defined as follows;

"To deliver tomorrows technology, today, through discovery, development and delivery of innovative nano based solutions for the Pharma/Chemical Industry."

We will achieve this goal through innovation leadership, state of the art technology and strategic partnerships.

The common objective being to enhance global competitiveness and minimise environmental impact in the Pharma/Chemical Industry.


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