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After 4 years spent conducting organic solvent nanofiltration trials, GKA Technologies has developed a new process technology, NanoSolv™, which will reduce selected solvent impurites to the level of parts per trillion (ppt). A new pilot plant has been designed and built with a flexible retrofit design to demonstrate and verify this new ground breaking process.

GKA Technologies (GKAT) is an R&D company at the forefront of nano separation sciences, as it applies to solvent purification. Solvents are widely used in process industries such as the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, biotechnology and microelectronics sectors. Many current solvent manufacturing and recycling practices rely on a traditional, energy-intensive distillation-based technology in the production and/or recovery of liquid chemicals. This method of processing is costly, inefficient and produces a significant volume of hazardous waste.

GKAT proposes to debottleneck the heating steps as well as the thermal chemical reactions involved, and replace them with membrane separation techniques working at room temperatures capable of separations at the molecular level through organic solvent nano filtration (OSN). Such chemical process intensification in the solvent recovery and purification industry is expected to lead to significant reduction in production costs, materials usage, energy consumption, waste production, as well as risks and hazards.


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